Wednesday, March 4, 2009

First post!

Well, hello! This is my first post in my first real blog. I've made one back then in Friendster (wow that was a looong time ago, now it's Facebook era haha) Hmm I'm not good at telling stories, arranging words and make them enjoyable to read. My english also is sooo all over the place. Maybe I can practice my english by writing posts. Oh I won't completely use english on posts, it's just to hard :D so it'll be a mixture of english and indonesian. I'll write about some 'important' things that goes through my mind, maybe some of it will make you go 'What?', cause it'll be some ridiculous stuffs. FYI: I have a veeeery low sense of humor. So enjoy! or just read it with a so-called blank expression haha. Cheers!

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