Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The cutest thing!!!

I love cute little kids! and this one is just too adorable. His name is Mason Moon. His dad is a Canadian, his mom is a Korean. I first saw him when i watched a movie called Baby and Me (yeah, it's a Korean movie) he's soooooo cute! I just found out that he's so photogenic. I searched on Facebook and I found his page, there're lots of photos of him. aaah I just can't resist his cuteness! more photos below :)

I want a little brother right now! :p


  1. aaaarrgghh lucu bgt! gue kira cewe hehehee

  2. I want a BIG brother! haha ga nyambung ya
    moncc gue link yooo

  3. unyunyunyuuuu lucu banget mooon anaknyaaaaa, minta digigit!!! hahahaha