Friday, June 19, 2009


alone in my bude's office, cause I have to wait for her to finish her meeting. fortunately I get to play the computer, but unfortunately the internet didn't allow me to open Youtube & Facebook :( huuuh kinda bored to death right here, so here I am updating my blog again! (finally)

quiet sorroundings makes me think of ballad songs haha and that inspires me to make a list of "male singers who can bring more joy on my wedding party", here's my pick:

1. Mike Mohede
physically resembles a papa bear (which is cute, warm, and huggable :D), I already met him in
person and took a picture with him, and his effortless singing ability is loooooveeeeee <3
favorite performance: when he sings Cinta 'Kan Membawamu Kembali

2. Chris Daughtry
my favorite American Idol ever! no one beats him! he can definitely light up the mood by
singing rock and calm it down by singing ballad
favorite performance: here

3. K.Will
I think he's a bit underrated in Korea, fans love idol groups more than 'true artists'. His song,
Tears Are Dropping has successfully made me cry, who wouldn't like to cry tears of joy on
his/her own wedding? haha
favorite performance: here (love the stage, it's so Alice In Wonderland)

4. Super Junior's Kyuhyun
aaaahh his voice always makes me think that 'how can this world be so wonderful and peaceful'
sorry, I'm exaggerating too much :p
favorite performance: here and here (btw, he's the first one to sing, never mind the other 2 hehe)

5. SHINee's Onew
his voice is as soft as tofu, plus he has a nice smile :)
my favorite performance: here

3 out of 5 are Koreans, oh well I'm a K-Geek. Imagine all of them singing at my wedding party, I think I would forgot that I'm going to marry my husband hehe

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