Friday, April 17, 2009

princessa on ice

just stop by at Djafri's blog, seriously, the picture in his recent post shocked me! and right now, I'm home alone, my family's going to Bandung & Hongkong :( so I guess I'll ask Bik Icoh to sleep in my room hehe.

by the way, last night I watched Disney On Ice : Princess Wishes with my friend. some parts are good, some parts are just bleh. Snow White used to be my favorite Disney princesses story, but I change my mind. Last night's Aladdin performance was awesome. when the song A Whole New World played, I nearly cried. I decided that Aladdin's my favorite now :)

actually there're alot of interesting stuffs about the show, like:
  • 2 out of 7 princes fell during performance, poor them :(
  • Tinkerbell's appearance was so not important at all
  • Maleficent's entrance was scaaaary! she's the scariest Disney villain ever
  • acrobatic acts by Prince Eric's ship crew totally wow-ed the audience
  • over-all Mulan's performance was BLEH. especially the story
  • on Beauty and The Beast part, The Beast didn't show up. what about Belle's wish when there's no Beast?
  • the mermaids costume are hilarious, they wore pants with attached fins so they'll look like real mermaids haha
  • the dragon in Sleeping Beauty's part were shown! but not as scary as the original cause it has neon pink&green streaks on its body
  • I think it'll be nice if they added Pocahontas too
  • best costume goes to Cinderella's ball and Mickey+Minnie closing
  • best performance? ofcourse it's Aladdin! even if it's the opening act but it's stuck on my head til the show's over
altough there're alot of things that disappoint me in every 'this kinda' Disney show, I'll always watch it in the next few years. Disney is still the best in my kind of entertainment.